In our aim to reduce variation across Surrey, Sussex and Frimley, oncologists working across our footprint are encouraged to use the Royal Surrey Cancer Centre protocols for Systemic Anti Cancer Treatment (SACT) prescribing. This is a recommendation from the Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment (SACT) reference group.

These protocols can be found by clicking the link below. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the regime, it cannot be guaranteed that it is fully up to date, due to the dynamic nature of cancer treatment. The SSCA cannot accept responsibility for the validity of content of any documents that are past their review date.

The SSCA SACT demand and capacity review

The SSCA has commissioned a third party consultancy, MSD, to undertake a demand and capacity review of the 15 SACT services across the alliance. The work began in September 2023 and is due for completion in summer 2024.

Two experienced SACT nurses, Gibi Biju and Marian Brown, have been seconded from local trusts to lead the project. They are in the process of visiting each unit to review the demand and capacity on both the workforce and the physical space allocated for SACT services. 

The work includes:

  • Collating workforce data so that there is a clear understanding of the current workforce.
  • Mapping current service demand and anticipating future growth.
  • Comparing current workforce data with guidance from NICE and other bodies regarding optimum workforce/demand ratios.
  • Benchmarking with other alliances.

MSD will produce a SACT demand and capacity report for each trust in the alliance and an overarching alliance wide report. These will include recommendations to address issues identified and provide a roadmap for the next five years. MSD is completing this work free of charge. 

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The primary purpose of the Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance SACT Reference Group is to provide cross-organisational representation to ensure that all patients with cancer in Surrey and Sussex receive equitable access to safe, evidence-based and effective care. It also ensures best practice in the use of SACT including chemotherapy. 

The SACT reference group meets quarterly and has representation from all the providers across the region. It has representation from lead nurses, SACT lead nurses and CNS, pharmacists and clinicians.

Chair:  Emma Masters, SACT Lead Nurse, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Deputy chair: Matthew Pitt, Lead Pharmacist, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust

Administrator: Vivien Bull, SSCA

SSCA programme lead: Vicki Havercroft Dixon, SSCA lead nurse

SSCA clinical lead: Sarah Westwell, SSCA co-medical director

Deputy clinical lead: May Teoh

Find the Terms of Reference here