We are developing tumour pathway toolkits which support trusts to improve their ability to deliver national Cancer Waiting Time standards and ensure patients are diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion. 

The toolkits provide a manual for what good looks like and each come with clear instructions, role responsibilities and deadlines for when actions need to be completed. The toolkits support the patient journey from start to end, inclusive of 28-day, 31-day, and 62-day Cancer Wait Time standards.

They have been developed by clinical and non-clinical members of cancer teams currently working across the cancer alliance footprint.  The first completed toolkits are for Breast, Endometrial and Ovarian, and Oesophago-Gastric Optimal Timed Pathways. As each toolkit becomes ready, we will publish it in NHS Futures and provide a link on this page.

The benefits of the Optimal Timed Pathway Toolkits

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Want to know more?

Our performance and improvement team would welcome the opportunity to explain the toolkits and how to utilise all or parts of them in your trust. Contact them on: rsch.sscaadmin@nhs.net