We are committed to ensuring that prevention is at the heart of our work.  It is estimated 4 in 10 cases (40%) of cancer could be prevented through lifestyle changes by reducing key risk factors such as tobacco consumption, poor diet, excess weight, a lack of physical activity, excess alcohol consumption and UV exposure. 

The NHS Long Term Plan for cancer sets out the ambitions that:

  • by 2028, 55,000 more people each year will survive their cancer for five years or more; and
  • by 2028, 75% of people with cancer will be diagnosed at an early stage (stage one or two).

Earlier diagnosis is dependent on people understanding and being aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer and by taking up screening programmes. Working with local Public Health, Primary Care Networks and Community Partners we will:

  • Raise awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer 
  • Support increased uptake of cancer screening programmes 
  • Explore initiatives that lead to the early identification of cancer 
  • Support smoking cessation initiatives
  • Implement Very Brief Advice (VBA) which seeks to support lifestyle changes. See Cancer Research UK Effective Cessation Intervention for health professionals including courses on VBA.