We are a team of individuals who bring their knowledge and experience together, medical and non-medical, to lead, support and coordinate the wider Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance to transform and improve cancer care.

Please do contact any of our team via rsch.sscaadmin@nhs.net

Team member Role
Keri Torney managing director
Alex Norman co-medical director

Sarah Westwell

co-medical director

Julia Home

PA to managing and co-medical directors
 Vicki Havercroft Dixon lead nurse
Stephanie Bell earlier diagnosis programme director
James Heasman treatment & personalised care programme director
Rebecca Towers improvement & innovation programme director
Aidan Parsons improvement & innovation programme manager

Nathan Dear

finance manager
Caroline Fletcher diagnostics project manager
Tom Pugh head of PMO and business management
Julia Hugason-Briem Targeted Lung Health Check programme manager
Barbara Rayner programme manager
Tanmay Kale digital & innovation
programme manager
Astrid Atherley digital & innovation project manager
Stephanie Isherwood programme manager
Emily Wyeth programme manager
Lee Foster programme manager
Barbara Rayner programme manager
Cassia Howells workforce and education manager
Robert Coffin ACCEND lead

Victoria Sellick

senior improvement manager
Sam Brenchley improvement project manager
Rui Correia improvement administrator
Dan Harrison pathway manager for pathology and lynch
Jo Lowe pathway manager for breast and haematology 
Olivia Galloway pathway manager for urology
Charlotte Kingshott pathway manager lower GI and lung 
Jenny Williams pathway manager for upper GI 
Lucy Chase pathway manager for skin and head and neck

Lisa Vivian-Jones

primary care facilitator
Martelie Isaacs data and analytics lead

Thomas Hopkinson

data analyst
Jayshri Shetty

project manager

Vivien Bull

project support
Zoey Heyre project support
Keely Harrison communications & engagement manager
Boba Rangelov public & patient engagement manager