Prostate Cancer UK early diagnosis webinar

Event date and time: 24 July 2024, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Who should attend:

Primary care healthcare professionals

How to register:

Find out more and register here: Prostate Cancer UK early diagnosis webinar



Prostate Cancer UK is hosting an online early diagnosis webinar on Wednesday, 24 July, 12pm-1pm for primary care healthcare professionals. ​The agenda includes: ​

  • Learn the high-risk demographics for prostate cancer.   ​
  • Assess (& reassess) need for PSA blood testing.   ​
  • Explain the recent changes in the diagnostic pathway.  ​
  • Understand the key health inequalities/inequities in prostate cancer.   ​
  • Learn the latest PCN DES requirements.   ​
  • Identify where to signpost patients for more information.